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PAWS, the Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society

A friendly wargaming club
in the home city of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, Southsea Community Centre, St. Pauls Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The 2006 English DBA Open

England's premere DBA competition was held on Sunday 15th October 2006 at Southsea Community Centre in Portsmouth.

Medieval German versus Tuareg

The 15 mm Senior competition used a "World Cup" format. The group stage consists of two groups of 5 players bringing their own armies. Any legitimate DBA army could used, with the players split into early and late groups. The top two players in each group progressed to contest the knockout stage with Wars of the Roses English armies (IV/83) provided by the organisers.

Wars of the Roses semi-finals

The four semi-finalists were Ray Briggs, Colin O'Shea, Martin Smith and Nik Gaukroger. Interestingly, each chose different options from the IV/83(a) list, with none opting for the (b) version. Nik beat Ray 4-3 and Martin beat Colin 5-4 to reach the final, which Nik won 4-3.

Nik Gaukroger (left) receives his trophy and prize

Early Crusaders versus Ptolemaic in 25mm

The 25mm competition involved each of the five players playing each other twice, once as defender and once as invader. The winner was Richard Jeffrey-Cook (enjoying playing in the competition for once, having organised all the previous ones).

Richard Jeffrey-Cook (left) receiving his trophy and prize

Seleucids versus Early Hungarians

The nine Junior 15mm players formed a single group, playing each other once. Overall winner was Alex Keane.

Alex receiving his trophy and prize

Alex won all but one of his games, but could only manage a winning draw against eventual second place Robert Dowling.

Robert receiving his prize

The Lance & Longbow Society's prize for the best performing 14th & 15th Century AD army was won by Aislinn Smith, using Medieval French, IV/64(b).

Aislinn receiving her prize

The final prize was awarded to Richard Pulley, for introducing so many new players to DBA.

Richard receiving his prize

Richard is a teacher and has started up a DBA group at his school, introducing many new players to the game. He has regularly taken his young players to the English DBA open, PAWS DBA events and even the Welsh DBA championships. His prize was one of the vouchers provided by, which we expect will be used to buy more figures for the club.

SOA logo - click for the website.

The 2006 English DBA Open was sponsored by
the Society of Ancients (
and from Alternative Armies

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with additional prizes sponsored by:

Magister Militum

Magister Militum - click for the website.

prize for the 25mm competition

The Lance & Longbow Society

The Lance & Longbow Society - click for the website.

prize for best performing 14th or 15th Century AD army

Please show your appreciation for our sponsors by visiting their websites.

Click here for pictures from 2005's English DBA Open.

The fourth annual English DBA Open was held at Farnborough on 25th September 2005.

15mm Persians against European Bronze Age Barbarians. Click for more photos.

25mm Grenadines against Medieval French. Click for more photos.

For the latest information on the next English DBA Open competition, check the Yahoo group at this link.


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