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PAWS, the Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society

A friendly wargaming club
in the home city of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, Southsea Community Centre, St. Pauls Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The PAWS DBA Event

At the beginning of 2003, we decided to hold regular DBA tornaments as an excuse to get us all in together on a more frequent basis, and also to invite nearby clubs to join in. A small trophy was bought to be held by the "title holder".

It was decided to do three DBA Events a year, with a theme to be selected by the previous event's winner. To give a guide for selecting themes, it was decided that a century and (optionally) a geographical area would be suitable. Initially, to add some variety, in any one year we have one BC theme, one First Millenium AD theme, and one Second Millenium AD theme.

However, in 2004 we decided to add a fourth Event. For 2004 we tried having one as DBR Minis instead but from 2005 we decided on four DBA Events, with the four army list sections providing guides for the theme centuries. We also decided to award an additional Junior prize whenever a significant number of young entrants attended.

Junior prizes were awarded at all events until 2009. However, as Junior numbers have dropped, from 2010 there will only be a Junior prize if there are enough Junior players to justify it. The best performing Junior will still be presented with the Junior Trophy each time though.

The overall winner will be awarded a prize in addition to being presented with the Title Holder’s Trophy. All Juniors will still be eligible to win the Senior prize.

The entry fee remains £5, payable on the day.

The next DBA Event is scheduled to be held at the Southsea Community Centre, starting at 2pm. (Click here for a map of where to find it.)

The theme and a list of allowed armies can be found by checking here. Although there is no need to pre-enter, if you are interested in attending the next event, please let us know. (You can email the secretary at )

Please note that this event is 15mm only.

PAWS DBA Events to date:

Event Date Theme Main Winner Junior Prize
March 2003 click for pictures C1st AD (Europe, North Africa & Middle East) Richard (from the Sarisbury Green club)  
July 2003 click for pictures C2nd BC (Mediterranean) Adrian Webb
December 2003 C14th AD (Europe) Nick Harbud
March 2004 C13th BC (Near East) Nick Harbud
September 2004 C8th AD (Europe & Mediterranean) Nick Harbud
December 2004
C12th AD (Crusades)
Justin Wilkinson
March 2005 "Hannibal" - C3rd BC (Western Mediterranean) Adrian Webb
(2nd - Alex Keane)
Nathaniel Creighton
(2nd - Alex Keane)
June 2005 click for pictures "Mesopotamia - the end of the Neo-Assyrian Empire" (C7th BC)" Lindon Paxton no junior prize
September 2005 C11th AD (Northern & Eastern Europe) Alex Keane (bye in final,
2nd - Matthew Bennett)
Alex Keane
December click for pictures
C15th AD (Western Europe) Martin Smith Alex Keane
March 2006 C12th BC (Near East) Martin Smith Robert Dowling
June 2006 C1st BC (Parthia) Lindon Paxton Alex Keane
September 2006 C11th AD (Southern Europe, North Africa, Anatolia & the Levant) Andrew Wilkinson Aislinn Smith
December 2006 C14th AD (China and the Far East) Andrew Wilkinson Junior: William Brooks
Beginner: Tom Bulpett
2006 Junior Special Prize:    Aislinn Smith
10th March 2007 C8th BC (Middle East) Lindon Paxton Robert Dowling
9th June 2007 C5th AD (Roman World) Andrew Wilkinson Justin Wilkinson
29th September 2007 C8th AD (Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa) Martin Smith William Brooks
8th December 2007 C14 (Northern Europe) Bill MacGillivray

Junior: Robert Dowling
Beginner: Dominic Walton and Joshua Samson (a joint effort)

2007 Junior Special Prize:    Robert Dowling
8th March 2008 C24 BC (Near East) Andrew Wilkinson Robert Dowling
7th June 2008 C3 BC (Eastern Mediterranean) Luca Blasi Robert Dowling
27th September 2008 C9 AD (India, Central & SE Asia) Robert Dowling Justin Wilkinson
6th December 2008 C15 (Western Continental Europe) Luca Blasi Junior: Robert Dowling
Beginner: James May
2008 Junior Special Prize:    Robert Dowling
7th March 2009 C6 BC (Central Mediterranean) Andrew Wilkinson William Brooks
13th June 2009 C5 AD (France & Spain) Richard Pulley James May
26th September 2009 C10 AD (Eastern Mediterranean) Scott Russell Aislinn Smith
5th December 2009 C13 (Britain & Ireland) Luca Blasi Justin Wilkinson
2009 Junior Special Prize:    Robert Dowling
13 March 2010 C6 BC (Eastern Mediterranean & Near East) Lindon Paxton James May
12 June 2010 C5 AD (Europe, Central and Southern Asia) Martin Smith Rob Walker
18 September 2010 C10 AD (South-West Europe & North Africa) Arnaud Marmier Findlay Schofield
4 December 2010 C15 AD (North & South America plus Hawaii) Colin O'Shea Rob Walker
2010 Junior Special Prize:    Aislinn Smith
12 March 2011 C7 BC (Eastern Mediterranean & Near East) Andrew Wilkinson Findlay Schofield
11 June 2011 C3 BC (Eastern Mediterranean) Duncan McCoshan Rob Walker
24 September 2011 C10 AD (China and the Far East) Robert Dowling Findlay Schofield
10 December 2011 C12 AD (Mediterranean & Baltic) Martin Smith Patrick Myers
10 March 2012 C13 BC (Near East) Martin Smith Patrick Myers
7 July 2012 C2 BC (West Mediterranean) John Saunders (no entrants)
29 September 2012 C8 AD (West & Central Europe)    
8 December 2012      

To see some images from some of the earlier DBA Events, click on the indicated dates in the "Event Date" column in the table above..

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