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PAWS, the Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society

A friendly wargaming club
in the home city of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, Southsea Community Centre, St. Pauls Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

English DBR Minis Open
tournament rules

1. De Bellis Renationis (DBR) version 2.0 will be used, in condensed scale.

2. The rules for selecting single command 100AP condensed armies, as given in the Army List Books introduction, shall be used subject to the following:

a. Only the extra cost of the general will be halved, not the cost of the full element;

b. Compulsory artillery need not be used;

c. If the cost of all compulsory troops is greater than 95AP using 1/3 (rounded up) of the full size minimums, then the army may be selected using 1/4 (rounded up) of all minimums and maximums instead.

3. A "World Cup" format will be used. Initially competitors will use their own armies and terrain. Competitors will be placed in groups of 4-6 (ideally). I shall try to base groups on chronological and geographical proximity as far as possible. Every competitor will play the other competitors in their group.

4. Each battle will be 60 minutes long, including set up time. Terrain set up and deployment should take no longer than 10 minutes. Any player deemed to be taking too long in this may be penalised.

5. Scoring shall be as follows:

a. 5 points for a complete victory;

b. 3 points for a draw where the player's command is un-beaten at game end, but where the opponent's command is beaten at game end;

c. 2 points for a draw where neither player's command is beaten at game end, if the player has destroyed at least two more enemy elements than he has himself lost;

d. 1 point for any other draw;

e. 0 points for a loss.

6. In the event of a tie within a group the winner will be determined by:

a. head-head record;

b. most enemy elements killed;

c. most enemy camp elements destroyed;

d. most enemy generals killed.

7. The winner of each group, plus the best of the rest, will then play semi-finals and a final as a knock-out tournament to determine the overall winner.

a. Armies for the finals will be supplied by the organisers.

b. If there are too few players for at least two groups, then a single league may be used, without a knock out stage.

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