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SOA Battle Day 2005

Caesar's battle against the Belgae at the Sambre, 57 BC

As part of the Society of Ancients' Battle Day 2005, Adrian Webb organised a DBMM game, using the latest draft of these in-development rules. Due to the size of the armies involved, the figure scale was halved from normal, but this still meant that there were 80 Legionary elements and 146 Belgae warband elements.

Phil Barker and Sue Laffin-Barker provided most of the Belgae's figures, Bill MacGillivray provided the most of the Romans and more of the Belgae, and the remainder were scrounged from other PAWS members.

The game was played twice, with slight changes in the Roman organisation between the two. The Belgae players for both games were Sue Laffin-Barker, Phil Barker, Chris Hanley and Norman Whapshott. The Roman players for the first game were Bill MacGillivray, Bob Robertson and Duncan Head. In the second game Adrian Webb took over from Duncan Head as the 3rd Roman.

The Belgae won the morning's game and the Romans won the game in the afternoon.

Pictures from the morning's game.
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Click here for morning game pictures.
Click here for afternoon game pictures.

Pictures from the afternoon game.
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Pictures of the other Sambre games put on at the Battle Day
(using other rule sets).
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Click here for pictures of the other games.

Photos taken by Adrian Webb and Bill MacGillivray.


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