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The 2011 English DBA Open

England's premere DBA competition will be held on Sunday 23rd October 2011 at Southsea Community Centre in Portsmouth.

This will be the final event of the inaugural year of the Society of Ancients UK DBA League.

Please could players arrive at 9:00 am so we can close registration by about 9:30 and start the games soon after.

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Trophies sponsored by
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Phil Barker's Greeks, complete with Acropolis BUA, from the 2007 competition.

There will be three competitions: 15mm Senior, 15 mm Junior and 25mm.

For more details contact William MacGillivray
or go to the English DBA Open Yahoo! Group.

Please click here for an entry form in Word.doc format
or here for the PDF version.

For SOA President Phil Steele's view of the 2010 Tournament, click here.

DBA Open 2011 Rules

  1. De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) version 2.2 will be used.
  2. A "World Cup" format will be used. Initially competitors will use their own armies and terrain. Each battle will be 30 minutes long (45 minutes for any final).
  3. Scoring shall be as follows:
    1. 5 points for a complete victory (as defined in the rule book);
    2. 2 points for a draw (game incomplete when time is called), if the player has destroyed more enemy elements than he has himself lost;
    3. 1 point for any other draw;
    4. 0 points for a loss.
  4. In the event of a tie within a group the winner will be determined by:
    1. head-head record;
    2. most generals killed;
    3. most camps/BUA sacked;
    4. most elements killed (not including the extra 2 for occupying a camp/BUA).
  5. The winner of each group (plus the best of the rest if necessary), will then play a knock-out tournament (a final and possibly semi-finals) to determine the overall winner. During the knock-out stage, competitors will secretly choose an army from all those that will be available.
  6. If there are insufficient players to form at least two even groups, then the event may be restructured as a single group, with each player playing all other opponents. In this case, a knock-out phase may not be played.
  7. Element selection and army aggression may not be changed between battles.


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