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Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, Pompey The Great.

PAWS, the Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society

A friendly wargaming club
in the home city of the Royal Navy
Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, Southsea Community Centre, St. Pauls Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, PAWS, is a friendly little wargaming (and occasionally boardgaming) club meeting on Saturday afternoons in Southsea.

We have a room at the Southsea Community Centre just about every Saturday, from 2:00pm to about 7:00pm.
Members often meet up first at The Eldon Arms, just down the road.

Games tend to be arranged between two or more players beforehand, but it is often possible to join in with a friendly game, and there are occasionally 'off the cuff' games arranged between whoever has turned up.

If you would like further details, directions, or would just like to arrange a game, then you can email us at, or look for our details in Miniature Wargames 'Club Contacts' section.

In 2003, we inaugurated a regular (now four times a year) open DBA competition.

The latest of these was held on September 17th 2005, won by Alex Keane (winning the final by a walkover when the other semi-finalist, Matthew Bennett, had to leave early).

September semi-final. Click for larger picture.

This photo shows a moment of one of the September semi-finals.

Spanish v Romans from an earlier event. Click here to see more on the DBA Events.

The next one will be on December 10th 2005, with a theme of "Western Europe in the 15th Century".

Further details for these DBA Events can be seen on a specially created page (click here or on the picture above).

If you are interested in coming along, please get in touch.

We have recently been researching the ECW Battle of Cheriton, and have produced a demonstration game of the battle.

Pictures of the game we put on at a recent charity model show can be seen by clicking here.

Ancient Iberian figures masquerading as Atrebates.

Some of us attended the Society of Ancients Battle Day 2005 in April, gaming Caesar's battle against the Belgae at the Sambre in 57BC (details here).

We organised a DBMM version alongside DBMM author Phil Barker. Pictures of this (and other games) can be seen by clicking here.

Pictures of another recent DBMM test, involving 15th Century Mexican armies, can be seen here.
Aztecs - click for more

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Portsmouth and Allied Wargames Society, Southsea Community Centre, St. Pauls Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.